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Billing and subscription management for SaaS B2B

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Easily manage your subscriptions, recurring payments, billing and accounting. All with automation and reporting features.

General information about Chargebee

Chargebee is a cloud-based accounting solution. Its specialty? Managing subscriptions and recurring billings. If your startup is a SaaS or subscription business, Chargebee could well be an essential platform for accelerating your business.

This software tool is ideal for acquiring, developing, retaining and managing customers. Whether you want to launch your startup, roll out new rates, expand internationally, switch to paid subscriptions or scale up, the Chargebee platform incorporates a wealth of features tailored to your needs.

The platform lets you:

- Manage subscriptions, billing and invoicing on a large scale;

- Implement automated, compliant compatibility;

- Benefit from a proactive debt collection strategy;

- Reduce churn;

- Increase customer value.

What’s more, the platform fits seamlessly into your current workflow thanks to its multiple software integrations. Whether it’s a payment gateway, CRM, ERP or accounting tool, they can all connect with Chargebee in just a few clicks.

To ensure your long-term performance, the management software offers comprehensive analytical tools. This gives you 360° commercial visibility, enabling you to deploy a data-driven strategy to make the right decisions.

The Chargebee software tool is recognized by over 6,500 companies serving 227 countries and territories. Famous customers include Typeform, Toyota, Calendly, Freshworks and Linktree.

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1 deal available for Chargebee
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1 deal available for Chargebee

Up to $7200 in savings

Free access to Starter Plan until the first $1 million in revenue
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Free access to Starter Plan until the first $1 million in revenue

Free access to Starter Plan until the first $1 million in revenue

Unlock our Chargebee deal and access Free access to Starter Plan until the first $1 million in revenue, saving you up to $7200 for your startup. There are over 420+ verified deals and discounts for you to save money on the best SaaS software and apps for your small business to grow. Don't waste time, take advantage of our promotions now thanks to our Chargebee promo codes, coupons and credits valid in July 2024.

What is Chargebee used for?

Chargebee is a powerful cloud-based accounting tool that is particularly beneficial for small businesses operating on a subscription or SaaS model. It simplifies the management of subscriptions and recurring billings, allowing businesses to focus on growth and customer retention. For instance, a small fitness studio could use Chargebee to easily manage monthly membership fees, reducing administrative burden and minimizing errors. The software also offers automated compliance and proactive debt collection strategies, helping businesses maintain healthy cash flow. Its integration capabilities ensure it fits smoothly into existing workflows. Plus, its analytical tools provide valuable insights for data-driven decision making.

Chargebee pricing


Offline invoicing

Calendar billing

Customer portal

Credit notes


Contact sales

Account hierarchy

Pricing models

Contract terms

Backdated invoicing



/ month

Advance invoices

Coupons and discounts

Gift subscriptions


Chargebee features

Manage your B2B SaaS with confidence.

  • Management of recurring invoicing

    Manage complex recurring payment scenarios automatically, without errors and without the need for developers.

  • Accounting management

    Benefit from solid forecasting analyzes and an always up-to-date tool for tax regulations and compliance obligations.

  • Robust integrations

    Connect Chargebee with other popular business tools you use, such as Salesforce and Slack, to streamline your business processes and gain better insights into your business performance.

  • Analytics & reporting

    Get detailed reports on your subscriptions and make the right business decisions based on your data.

  • Flexible billing options

    Chargebee's flexible billing options allow you to easily customize subscriptions, set up pricing plans, and manage invoices to suit your business needs and goals. This feature saves you time, money, and ensures that you always have complete control over your billing processes.

  • Management of recurring payments

    Accept recurring payments and leverage growth for your B2B SaaS by reducing unintentional churn.

  • Automated dunning management

    Never miss out on customer payments again with Chargebee's automated dunning management feature. This feature helps to recover failed payments quickly and keep your revenue streams flowing seamlessly.

15 Chargebee Reviews

4.6 (15 reviews)
  • Rebecca

    Mastering Chargebee: A Seamless Journey

    I find Chargebee incredibly user-friendly and it manages everything for me. It provides excellent documentation for developers and I've not come across any bugs, which is quite remarkable. It's essentially flawless! The only possible drawback could be the numerous settings, which could be confusing, but there's useful documentation available. I switched to Chargebee from Patreon due to integration difficulties as a developer.

    July 15, 2024

  • Hester D

    Chargebee's Subscription Management: A Game-Changer for Our Business

    The subscription management feature of Chargebee has been a game-changer for our business, allowing us to easily manage and track our customer subscriptions

    July 6, 2024

  • Brittany Williams

    Exceptional Experience with Chargebee: A Testimonial

    I've had an absolutely fantastic experience with the Chargebee team! They've shown an incredible level of dedication in working with me to find solutions for my complex business needs and workflows. While no product is perfect, I have a committed account management team always on standby to address any issues and enhance my experience. Their personal attention and effort to understand my business truly sets them apart. I'm genuinely impressed with this company!

    July 2, 2024

  • Paloma M

    Outstanding Service in My Experience with Chargebee

    I'm surprised to see so many negative reviews for Chargebee, as my experience with them over the last 3 years has been nothing short of amazing. Their exceptional customer support and vast array of features outshine other similar services.

    June 23, 2024

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Chargebee: Pros & Cons


  • Customer support: The support is responsive
  • Integration: The tool can be integrated with several other platforms
  • All-in-one: This billing software brings together all the useful features for billing, revenue, subscriptions, etc.


  • Pricing: The price can be high for a small business
  • Complexity: Some services are difficult to understand at first and require learning
  • Bugs: Problems sometimes appear, even if they are easily solved by the customer service

Why is Chargebee better than other Payments software?

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Chargebee has more options than PayPlug: 87 vs 52

Chargebee is better at number of features than Apphud: 87 vs 24

Chargebee has better positive reviews than Maxio (ex. Chargify): 87 vs 85

Chargebee has more options than Maxio (ex. Chargify): 87 vs 52

Chargebee is better at support than Shopify: 4.6 vs 4.5

Chargebee has more features than Shopify: 87 vs 46

Chargebee is more versatile than Stripe billing: 87 vs 62

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