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Zenduty is a powerful online platform that allows you to manage incidents in an optimal way. You minimize downtime, prevent and resolve all incidents that could negatively impact the service, all in record time.

General information about Zenduty

What are the ingredients of success for any business? Reliability, quality and resilience. To achieve these goals, you need to ensure that your services are working properly. That way, you can provide your most demanding customers with state-of-the-art SLAs.

What better way to do this than with an online incident and alert management platform? Zenduty is a collaborative platform that can meet all your needs. It provides you with end-to-end alerts, allows you to manage calls, but also to organize responses in the most relevant way.

Using this tool gives your teams control and powerful automation capabilities over the entire incident management lifecycle.

You can know in seconds:

- Which service is live;

- What the problem is;

- Which employee is most likely to resolve the incident.

In other words, the Zenduty platform centralizes all alert management. Each team member knows what to do, where and when. It’s even possible to use customized, data-driven on-call rotations. This allows your team to provide 24/7 operational coverage. No major incident is left out of your scope.

Your company perfectly meets customer expectations and improves its brand image.

1 deal available for Zenduty
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1 deal available for Zenduty

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$3,500 in credits

$3,500 in credits

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What is Zenduty used for?

Zenduty is a powerful tool for small businesses, providing a comprehensive solution for incident and alert management. It streamlines operations by centralizing alerts, allowing teams to quickly identify live services, pinpoint issues, and delegate tasks to the most suitable employee. This real-time information flow enhances efficiency and ensures no major incident goes unnoticed. For example, a small e-commerce business can use Zenduty to monitor their website's uptime and immediately alert the relevant team member if any downtime occurs. This 24/7 coverage not only improves response times but also boosts customer satisfaction and the company's reputation.

Zenduty pricing


Phone call & SMS alerts

Email, Slack and Teams alerts

Push notifications

On call scheduling



/ user / month


Incident responders

Incident tagging

Alert forwarding



/ user / month

Unlimited SMS/phone call alerts

Advanced alert routing rules

Role based access control

Incident command system



/ user / month

Priority live support

Dedicated account manager

Incident postmortems

Unlimited users

Zenduty features

Build reliability into your entire production operation

  • A complete and ergonomic dashboard

    Take advantage of a customizable dashboard. You can then observe the operational health of your organization with a detailed view. This view allows you to respond to incidents 90% faster and resolve them 60% faster.

  • Actionable insights

    Leverage Zenduty's complete and ergonomic dashboard to monitor the operational health of your organization in real-time and respond up to 90% faster. Get detailed insights at a glance, customize your dashboard, and stay in control - all from a single pane of glass.

  • Seamless integrations

    With native integrations, Zenduty seamlessly works with all your business tools for an effortless monitoring experience. Whether you use application performance monitoring, log monitoring, error monitoring, or ITSM applications - it's all covered.

  • Reliable, silent and relevant alerts

    Team members affected by the incident are accurately alerted via various channels such as: SMS, email, Android or iOS smartphones, Slack or Microsoft Teams. All means are good to react quickly to incidents.

  • Frictionless response

    Put fluidity and cutting-edge technology to work for your business and deploy optimal incident response procedures. Incidents are resolved faster through efficient task delegation and collaborative triage.

  • A community forum

    Join an active and knowledgeable community of DevOps/SRE experts. You can ask all your questions to improve your team’s performance. Take advantage of this forum to co-build a knowledge base on reliability.

  • Collaborative incident management

    Zenduty's frictionless response feature allows you to deploy the optimal incident response procedures and resolve incidents 60% faster. Efficient task delegation, collaborative triage, and integrations with your existing tools make resolving incidents a breeze.

10 Zenduty Reviews

4.7 (10 reviews)
  • Patrick

    Zenduty: A Refreshing and Customizable Incident Management Tool for IT Professionals

    As an IT professional, I find the flexibility offered by Zenduty refreshing. Its ability to adapt to our specific needs sets it apart from other incident management tools.

    June 11, 2024

  • Ophelia M

    Commendable Customer Support at Zenduty: Responsive and Pleasant Experience

    The customer support at Zenduty is commendable. They are responsive and always ready to assist, making the overall experience pleasant

    June 2, 2024

  • Mark D

    Zenduty: Ensuring Data Security for CTOs

    As a CTO, I appreciate the security measures implemented by Zenduty. It gives me peace of mind knowing that our data is safe and secure

    May 26, 2024

  • Christopher M

    Zenduty's Post-Mortem Reports: Revolutionizing Incident Insights and Strategy Enhancement

    The post-mortem reports feature of Zenduty is a game-changer. It provides valuable insights into incidents, helping us improve our strategies

    May 20, 2024

Zenduty: Pros & Cons


  • Numerous integrations: Zenduty offers over 100 native software integrations
  • Various notification channels: You can receive incident alerts via email, SMS, phone, Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • For all types of companies: This incident management tool is suitable for SMEs and large companies


  • Limited escalation option: Options are only up and down, even after reassignment
  • Mobile alerts: There is a lack of alerts on mobile phones. It is necessary to configure phone calls, SMS or email

Why is Zenduty better than other Application Monitoring software?

Zenduty is better at support than Tableau: 4.6 vs 4.0

Zenduty is easier to use than Tableau: 4.5 vs 4.0

Zenduty is better at support than Freshservice: 4.6 vs 4.5

Zenduty is better at customer service than Slack: 4.6 vs 4.5