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Legal Software

Legal software provides tools and resources to help with the creation, management, and analysis of legal documents and related processes. It helps any business for compliance with laws and regulations, as well as improve relationships between lawyers and clients.

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logo forbes

Your guide to the business world.

5.0 (1 reviews)
1 deal available | Redeemed by 6 members
ERP Legal Investment Management

10% off an annual/biennial membership

Save up to $10

Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle. The platform is well-known for its comprehensive coverage of financial and business news as well as its prestigious rankings, including the Forbes 400 and Forbes Global Billionaire lists.

logo rocket lawyer

Legal made simple

3.0 (1 reviews)
1 deal available | Redeemed by 14 members

25% off the Premium membership for 1 year

Save up to $120

Rocket Lawyer offers a range of online legal services catering to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. This includes creating and signing legal documents, obtaining legal advice from a network of attorneys, and assistance with business incorporations.

logo cookiebot

Ensure privacy compliance globally.

4.0 (1 reviews)
1 deal available | Redeemed by 20 members

40% off for 3 years

Save up to $705

Cookiebot is a Consent Management Platform (CMP) designed to help websites comply with global privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and more, offering a comprehensive solution for managing cookies and online tracking technologies.

logo lawpath

Streamline your legal journey with ease.

4.0 (1 reviews)
2 deals available | Redeemed by 10 members

40% off Legal Plans for 1 year

Save up to $576

Lawpath is an innovative online legal service platform tailored for businesses, providing a comprehensive suite of tools to manage legal needs efficiently.

logo legalplace

Simplify your legal processes

5.0 (1 reviews)
2 deals available | Redeemed by 43 members

25% discount on accounting

Save up to $250

LegalPlace is a comprehensive legal services platform that changes how you handle legal matters. It offers a user-friendly digital solution for a wide array of legal needs, making legal processes more accessible and affordable.

logo ledgy

Equity management made transparent, simple, and efficient for startups.

4.7 (15 reviews)
1 deal available | Redeemed by 50 members

25% off your first year

Save up to $6,500

Ledgy is a comprehensive platform designed specifically for startups and growth companies. By offering streamlined equity management solutions, Ledgy brings transparency, simplicity, and efficiency to the table. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to manage shareholder structures or an investor seeking clarity on cap tables, Ledgy provides the tools and insights to make informed decisions.

logo tomorro

Contract management and security tool

4.3 (15 reviews)
1 deal available | Redeemed by 32 members

€1,000 in credits for the Standard, Pro or Enterprise plan

Save up to $1,000

The Tomorro platform helps you reduce the time spent on contract management. In addition, you gain control and visibility over all legal and financial risks. This is a real relief and time saver for every decision maker and every member of your team.

logo heydata

Data compliance platform

4.8 (15 reviews)
1 deal available | Redeemed by 22 members
Legal Cloud And Data Management

3 months free on all plans

Save up to $1,077

heyData's 360-degree compliance solution helps you secure and ensure data compliance simply, quickly and through a single tool that centralizes all your needs.

logo adopt

A cookie banner for your website’s compliance

4.6 (13 reviews)
1 deal available | Redeemed by 68 members

6 months free on any plan

Save up to $54

AdOpt is a consent management platform. Thanks to it, you can be sure to meet all the legal requirements of GDPR.

logo axeptio

Collect more user consents for your cookies with personalized & fun widget

4.8 (15 reviews)
1 deal available | Redeemed by 309 members

3 months free on any plan

Save up to $597

Axeptio helps you to be compliant with data protection while boosting your opt-in rate with adapted and personalized cookie banners.

logo hypervault

An efficient and secure digital safe

4.9 (15 reviews)
1 deal available | Redeemed by 46 members

50% off all plans for 1 year

Save up to $238

Hypervault ensures the security of all company data. Passwords, customer information, technical data, or documents are centralized and perfectly secure.

logo sirdata

Ensure that users' privacy choices are respected with a Consent Management Platform (CMP) that reflects your brand.

4.7 (10 reviews)
1 deal available | Redeemed by 56 members

6 months free

Save up to $1,400

Sirdata's CMP is quick and easy to set up, ensuring your website is data compliant whilst respecting your brand identity.

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