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Applicant Tracking Software promo code – July 2024

Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant Tracking software is a powerful tool used by employers to streamline the recruitment process. It helps manage the entire hiring process from job postings to job offers and can automate many of the manual tasks associated with recruiting. In addition, it provides insights into the effectiveness of the hiring process and can be used to help identify and attract top talent. Applicant Tracking software also includes features such as resume management, and job matching. With the help of an Applicant Tracking software, employers can easily keep track of their recruitment progress and make sure they are hiring the right people for the job.

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logo rippling

Workforce management platform

4.7 (15 reviews)
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Payroll Management Applicant Tracking

6 months free

Save up to $1,920

Rippling is an online tool to simplify the management of your business. This platform centralizes human resources, information technology and finance in one place. Optimize your processes, save time and improve your profitability.

logo workable

Recruitment software

4.1 (15 reviews)
1 deal available | Redeemed by 30 members
Applicant Tracking Recruitment

10% off for the first year

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With Workable, centralize and manage the entire recruitment process, from sourcing to management to employee onboarding. Optimize your actions and find the best talents with ease.

logo seeqle

Recruitment AI for SMBs and one-off needs

4.7 (10 reviews)
1 deal available | Redeemed by 27 members
Applicant Tracking

30% off for 1 year

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Seeqle is a sophisticated recruitment and HR marketing platform that uses advanced AI-driven programmatic technology to enhance your recruitment process. It leverages socio-demographic, contextual, and behavioral data to target ideal candidates effectively.

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