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Social Media Software promo code – June 2023

Social Media Software

Social media software is used to manage, analyze and optimize social media activity. It can help users create and share content, monitor conversations, and track performance across multiple social networks and platforms. It can also enable users to collaborate with each other and manage their online presence. Additionally, some social media software enables users to automate their social media activities, including scheduling posts and tracking analytics.

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logo socialbee

SocialBee 1 deal available

Social media management tools

Publish content, manage your posts and follow your performance across all your social networks from a single interface.

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logo agorapulse

Agorapulse 1 deal available

Manage all your social media with an all-in-one tool

Agorapulse helps you control all of your social media accounts while saving time: get access to an inbox to keep track of interactions; collaborate, schedule and publish your content; get reports on your performances. All of this, in a single...

30% off on the annual Pro and Premium subscriptions (Save $670)
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logo favikon

Favikon 1 deal available

A platform to develop your influence strategy

Favikon helps you improve your visibility and reach a wider audience. By easily finding influencers, the platform is ideal to develop your community and to be present on social networks via influencers. You can thus launch a social media strategy...

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logo blue strawberry

Blue Strawberry 1 deal available

Social marketing platform

Blue Strawberry’s solution allows you to manage your social media strategy by taking full advantage of the capabilities of artificial intelligence. You can expand your reach and get more leads with social networks.

60% off the Professional or Standard plan for 12 months (Save $900)
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logo saral

Saral 1 deal available

Complete solution for influencer marketing

Saral offers to centralize all the actions necessary for effective influencer marketing. This way, you can find the contact information of creators to contact them as well as send awareness campaigns.

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logo flutin

Flutin 1 deal available

Live streaming platform

Flutin is an all-in-one solution for broadcasting live video to key channels such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Incorporating advanced features, the tool is ideal for delivering branded live streams to engage your audience and stand out from...

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logo vaizle

Vaizle 1 deal available

Social media analysis tool

The Vaizle SaaS platform offers you the opportunity to accurately measure the impact of your social media strategy. Whether you are a company, an agency or an influencer, advanced analytics will help you gain visibility and increase your...

50% off for 1 year (Save $1,794)
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logo canva


Make beautiful creative and designs quickly and easily

Create designs that match your visual identity with Canva, without any need for design skills. Collaborate with your whole team and create impressive designs in no time.

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logo crowdfire


Manage and optimize your social media presence efficiently

Crowdfire allows you to monitor your social media channels and publish content quickly, in line with all your business news. Schedule optimized posts to attract more traffic and engagement.

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logo pixelme


Retarget audiences from third-party platforms

PixelMe is the platform that will allow you to easily retarget audiences by generating short, tracked URLs from any third-party platform.

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logo viralstat


See what trends your competitors are following and get ahead to grow your audience

Easily analyze social media networks and video platforms to stay on top of the latest trends. Create content your audience wants to see.

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logo social champ

Social Champ

Manage all your social media channels from a single platform

Social Champ is a social media management tool that will allow you to create and schedule posts for multiple accounts from a single platform. It also gives you access to analytics on your accounts and post-performance.

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logo mention


Scour the web, social media & more for powerful marketing insights.

Mention is a social media marketing suite enabling brands and agencies to drive the conversation: be in the know and spread the word.

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logo tribe


A social community platform for community-led companies

Tribe is a community platform designed to empower brand-led customer communities. It is popular for its collection of best practices derived from social networks and the ability to deeply integrate into products.

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logo zoko


Marketing platform for WhatsApp

The all-in-one tool Zoko is a true hub for all your WhatsApp conversations. You can centralize sales, marketing and customer support through a single WhatsApp number to efficiently grow your business on this social network.

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